About Us

Success Wizard develops empowering and highly effective interactive online programs and mobile applications to help people change, grow and enrich their personal and professional lives.


Our innovative platform delivers complete and structured personal development programs and a set of interactive tools that educate, guide and support users that are looking for more clarity, meaning and prosperity in their life, and people trying to enhance and advance their careers, relationships, health and finances.


These unique life-changing programs integrate the world’s most effective personal development and coaching techniques to provide a complete step-by-step practical and affordable solution to support users in achieving their personal goals and aspirations.

Yuval Goren


Success Wizard Inc.

Success Wizard

Our Story

Success Wizard was founded with one simple goal in mind: to help over one million people worldwide live happier, more authentic and fulfilling lives.


Founded by Yuval Goren - a former hi-tech senior executive that became a “life engineer” and a personal development coach. The core idea evolved from Yuval's personal journey. After two decades of a successful and rewarding career in the hi-tech industry, Yuval felt it was time to make a change, re-define his life priorities, follow his passion and pursue his dreams.


He spent a few years going through an intensive process of self-discovery, exploration and education. He read hundreds of self-development books, attended numerous personal development and  coaching seminars, researched the work of the most influential gurus, and learned the principles of all life coaching techniques.


The experience was overwhelming and often confusing, with an enormous amount of (sometimes conflicting) information and advice, which was extremely difficult to put into practice. Yuval then developed his own self-coaching system, which subsequently became the foundation for the Success Wizard program.


As a result of his truly enlightening personal journey, Yuval decided to utilize his skills, experience and passion to help others gain insight, develop themselves and improve their overall wellbeing. After extensive research, he concluded that what would benefit people most is a simple structured program that provides education, a step-by-step guided process, continuous inspiration and ongoing support. It also needed to include a set of practical and effective tools to help people gain clarity, put their goals into action and create lasting results.


In summary, Success Wizard has been designed for anyone who is looking for more out of life. As a team dedicated to helping others, we hope that you enjoy your journey, share your successes and re-discover the life that you truly enjoy.

Our Vision

Transforming the personal growth and coaching markets by leveraging the latest mobile, social, and web technologies to deliver engaging user experience, exceptional design and effective applications.

Our Team

Since our foundation we have assembled a diverse team of world-class coaches, human development experts and other dedicated professionals that bring power and scope to everything we do, and who all share our common vision and core values.

Success Wizard

Our Values

Values are at the core of everyone's life. As a company, we want Success Wizard to also be guided by the values that represent who we are and how we want to be in the world.

  • Authenticity: Be ourselves and stay true to our core values
  • Integrity: Do what we say and say what we do
  • Quality: Strive for professionalism, proficiency and excellence
  • Community: Create supportive, peaceful and nurturing environment
  • Contribution: Leverage our knowledge, drive and passion to help others
  • Health: Support healthy, balanced and fulfilling lifestyle
  • Growth: Keep learning, developing and realizing our full potential
  • Fun: Live joyfully, with harmony and ease